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Creative Portraits: Lana - Wild Thing

All good things are wild and free. - Thoreau

Sometimes you get an idea stuck in your head. Somewhere in the back of your brain, it barks like a dog until you give it your attention. This was one such concept. I wanted to shoot a "wild" modeling session for several months, a project capturing a model as part of the landscape around her as much as she is an entity in her own right. With the styling assistance of my lovely wife (her website is under construction right now) and the modeling talent of the effulgent Allana, whom I discovered on Instagram over the winter, we finally made it a reality. I am very pleased with the raw/classical/gritty/pleasing mix of images we captured.

Model: Allana Jade

Stylist: Annie Gray

Hey! You read it to the end! You freaking rock!

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