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Johnnie Walker - Dear Brother

This is a spec advertisement that is currently breaking the internet in my social circles. I'm sharing here for two reasons.

  1. This piece can only be described as heartbreakingly beautiful. Stunningly shot, edited and voiced. As a piece of visual art, it is a masterpiece for these filmmakers.
  2. It's still bringing tears to my eyes and it's been 12 hours since my first viewing.
Walking the roads of our youth
Through the land of our childhood, our home, and our truth
Be near me, guide me, always stay beside me
So I can be free
Let’s roam this place, familiar and vast
Our playground of green frames our past
We were wondrous
Never lost
Always home
When every place was fenceless
And time was endless
Our ways were always the same
Call my demons and walk me, my brother
Until our roads lead us away from each other
And if your heart’s full of sorrow, keep walking
Don’t rest
And promise me from heart to chest to never let your memories die
I will always be alive and by your side
In your mind
I’m free