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Married in Killington, Vermont: Brian and Carly

Brian and Carly, wed 10/04/2015

Almost a year ago, I received the following message.

Carly is an old friend. She was active in the Pensacola photography scene as a model and graphic artist several years ago before moving to Maryland. I had photographed a number of projects with her (one of which her fiance said was his all-time favorite photo set of her), and we had always had a good time collaborating. At the prospect of photographing Carly's wedding, in Vermont, in the fall, it was not in my nature to decline.

Eleven months later...

When the airport check-in desk asks "how much do you weigh?"

When I say that Killington Grand Resort is tucked away in the mountains of Eastern Vermont, I mean that it is truly tucked away. My route north from Pensacola ended with a final flight from Boston to Lebanon, NH aboard a Cessna 404 Titan, which made me regret my heavy lunch as the tiny plane skirted just over the mountaintops and settled down into Lebanon Municipal Airport. I met Carly's parents at the gate and together we drove to Killington.

Meeting Vermont


Annie's work schedule didn't allow for her to accompany me on this trip, so I checked into the lodge on my lonesome and spent the evening checking gear and topping up battery charges. I slept in the next morning and took some time to hike around the lake and get a feel for the lodge. Vermont in October makes an amazing first impression. I had never been that far north before, and I am blessed to have made my first trip during the most perfect time of the year. I was blown away by the natural beauty of the surroundings, and everyone I met in the lodge rivaled their Southern counterparts in their friendliness and hospitality.

The Wedding

2 p.m. rolled around and we started the photos. Working solo, I bounced back and forth between Carly and Brian's dress-up areas, acquainting myself with Brian for the first time and getting to know the family and friends. Carly and Brian are a laid back, fun couple, and their friends and family are as well.

Surrounded by good vibes and beautiful scenery, the ceremony commenced. Did I fail to mention that Carly is a first-rate comic book nerd? She is, and her dad stole the show by tearing his shirt open before walking her down the aisle to reveal a Superman uniform underneath. #RelationshipGoals. Seriously.

Brian and Carly both claiming Scottish heritage, the ceremony featured traditional Scottish elements, such as literally "tying the knot" with Brian's clan tartan and a ceremonial drink of Scotch whisky from the Loving Cup. The couple kissed as the shadows grew long and we captured some stunning images in the golden hour light.

Following the ceremony and photos, the reception escalated into a 10-alarm party in no time. Between the open bar and the genuinely fun-loving natures of all parties involved, it was the most crazy/fun party I've had the opportunity to shoot in some time. Scotland prevailed over the party yet again as Brian and his groomsmen briefly disappeared from the reception and returned in boots and kilts to finish the night.

Since everyone was staying at the lodge, there was no formal exit. Rather the entire party moved to an upstairs room and passed the rest of the evening with drinks and conversation. I had planned to retire after the reception to pack and get some sleep before rising early in the morning, but Brian wouldn't hear of it. You know you're photographing an amazing couple when they invite you to the after-party, sans camera!

All in all, shooting this wedding was a huge blessing to me, and it is with great pleasure that I delivered their photos a few weeks ago. Congratulations again, Brian and Carly.