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Married in Pensacola, FL: Dillon and Jennifer

Dillon and Jennifer, wed June 6, 2015.

Dillon and Jennifer contacted me early in the year. This wedding was special in that their decision to engage me as their photographer based on the missions work in my portfolio. Jennifer has also experienced missions in India, and that shared experience turned out to be the deciding factor in their choice of photographer. Pretty cool.

With Dillon in school at West Point, the guests came from all over the map, many of them cadets in school with Dillon. I love shooting military weddings. In addition to the clean symmetry and fun traditions that dress uniforms and close brotherhoods lend to a wedding, military guys are just fun to shoot and tend to pick up on most of my Monty Python references.

That kind of closeness was also visible in Jennifer and bridesmaids. The cheers for Jennifer as she emerged from the dressing room in her dress for the first time was heartwarming. As an individual who finds it difficult to maintain consistent contact with more than two or three friends a quarter, I respect and am amazed when I see large groups of friends exhibit similar intimacy.

Dillon's father, Pastor Chris Aiken, officiated the service with the sly wit that only a father can dish out to his son. The ceremony included communion and music provided by one of Dillon's classmates on the violin. The reception convened with the requisite food and cake, plus an ice cream sundae bar.

Festivities concluded with Dillon and Jennifer exiting through a sword arch. All in all, a fantastic day.

This wedding took place at Calvary Baptist Church in Pensacola and officiated by Pastor Chris Aiken. Catering was provided by the family.