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Old Hickory Whiskey Bar - Pensacola Photographer

Old Hickory Whiskey Bar, photographed by Steven Gray

Where to begin?

Old Hickory first earned my affection on the strength of the name. I grew up with my grandmother telling me that her side of the family was descended from President Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson, the historical bad@$$ who invaded Spanish Florida twice and generally Honey Badgered his way through into historical record.

Long story short, Pensacola, for its own quirky reasons, reveres Andrew Jackson. There are several sites around town dedicated to his memory and my ears perk up when I hear about a new one.

Two years ago, Old Hickory opened its doors and I was absolutely floored by the atmosphere of the bar, the number of whiskeys in stock and the incredible friendliness of the owners and staff. It's a place that keeps the music low and the cocktails perfect. It invites slow drinks and long conversations with both friends and strangers. And, like any good craft cocktail bar, the signature drinks often involve bursts of flame.

Old Hickory Whiskey Bar

123 S. Palafox St., Pensacola, FL 32501

Owner: Katie Garrett

Bar Manager: Jeff Knott