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Oltrarno Thoughts

Oltrarno Sunset - Steven Gray Photography - Pensacola Photographer
Oltrarno Sunset - Steven Gray Photography - Pensacola Photographer

This image is of the Oltrarno ("Beyond the Arno") district in Florence, Italy. This district, the original seat of the Medici, glows like a dream every day at sunset. I took this image on my first trip overseas, when it was just me and my camera in Italy for three weeks. Everything was different then. I was trying to figure out what I wanted my life to be and to represent. I've grown attached to this image and use it on my business card because of what it means to me. To me, it sums up ideals of culture, beauty and discovery--things that excite me a great deal and that I want to promote in my work.

Now, years later, I'm facing a new crossroads in my life and looking at new decisions that I need to make in my career as an image maker and storyteller.

People have said to me recently "I wasn't sure if you were still taking photos."

Oh yes, I most certainly am.

And as this year draws to a close, I am looking ahead to the next one with plans to shoot more, see more and share more amazing stories and images than ever.

I invite you to join me for the ride, because 2015 is going to be glorious.

All the best,