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Update from India

Monsoon MorningFor the past few weeks, I have been traversing the length and breadth of India on a missions/humanitarian journey. It has been life-changing, and will continue to be for a few more weeks. Through the erratic weather of the summer monsoon season, I have worked with remote tribes, the poorest rice farmers and gypsies in the country, orphan children and local workers. With the exception of one day in which I became dehydrated to the point of blindness (blood pressure drop when I stood up), my health has been good and I have worked steadily. Internet is rare, and wifi is rarer, so most of my photos will have to wait until I get back to a city and can upload the growing roll of photos on my iPhone. When I arrive home, I will have another 70GB or so of photos from my SLR camera rig to unload and create some awesome recap posts.

In the meantime, send up a prayer for me as I continue to work and travel the road.

(And, seriously, stay tuned or subscribe via email for pics!) Sunshine Afternoon