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The Awesome Food of Gainesville, GA

As a follow-up to Mr. and Mrs. White's Wedding Extravaganza, I want to give a quick shout-out to a some of the amazing restaurants in and around Gainesville, GA that provided me with some superb meals while I was in town last weekend.  For those of you who know me well, you may commence the eye-rolling.  You knew this was coming...winkety-wink. I love to look for unique places to eat when I travel.  I'll duck into a Ruby Tuesdays near an exit now and again if I want a bottomless salad bar, but I am strongly of the opinion that life is just too short to waste money at franchise joints.  I would rather do a little extra driving and spend a little extra money to support local restauranteurs who are passionate about cooking delicious food.  In that spirit, I chose my meals carefully, and Gainesville's culinary offerings did not disappoint!

My Gainesville eats:

2 Dog: A Local Restaurant - Friendliest staff and freshest ingredients I've had in a while.  I ordered smoked pork shoulder with sides of asparagus and sautéed Swiss chard.  The pork was unbelievably tender and flavorful--upon a single prod from my enthusiastic fork, Hoffa himself could not have paid that meat to hold itself together.  Further props go to 2 Dog for their support of Gainesville's local farms and commitment to fresh, organic produce.

Avocados Restaurant - There is nothing better than a good omelet, and when I decided to order one at Avocados Restaurant off of Gainesville's historic downtown square, they  knocked it squarely out of the park.  I had been in the mood for chorizo for a few days, and I was elated to find that Avocados makes an omelet with chorizo, mushrooms, tomatoes.  The cheddar cheese wasn't listed on the menu, but it added a nice touch.  And, since I am an insufferable protein fiend, I ordered the "meat omelet" with a side of bacon.  Delicious.

Redd's 'Que & Stew - No trip through Georgia or the Carolinas is rendered complete until you've eaten some local barbecue.  Redd's was presented to me as a "hole in the wall with great ribs."  And that sums it up pretty accurately, as it's barely more than a shed on the edge of a secondary highway far outside of Gainesville.  Upon taking an especially eager bite of a baby back, I detected an unusual texture.  It hit me then that not only had I taken a bite of tender meat, but the bone itself was so tender that I could eat that part as well!  Smoke-flavored marrow made for a great treat in addition to some good meat.

The only downside to this trip was that I wasn't in Gainesville long enough to try some of the other delicious-looking places downtown.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that there are more barbecue joint gems to be found in the surrounding area.  Thankfully, I have reasons to go to Gainesville at least once or twice each year, so I can look forward to future opportunities for more culinary explorations...