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Mr. and Mrs. White's Wedding Extravaganza

Last weekend saw me driving up to Gainesville, Georgia to video the wedding of some very special people. I met Parker and McClain on my last trip to India, McClain being the daughter of Ken and Tracy, whom I know from participating with their ministry, Net India.

Upon meeting them, it took less than five minutes for me to be convinced that if there is such a thing as a perfect couple, it's these two.  First high school sweethearts, now married fresh out of college.  I've been to a lot of weddings, but there was a joy and purity at this one that I have never felt before.  As I culled through the video footage, I found myself smiling continually as every clip reminded me of the joy of the day.  And, to make it even cooler, McClain used Pinterest to gather ideas and design the entire event.

Congrats, guys.  I'm proud to know both of you.  Thanks for letting the goofy Florida boy be a part of your big day.

Just so there is no confusion, all photography and portraiture was handled by Katherine Williamson Photography and North Georgia Photography.  Contrary to my usual job, I was the video guy, and what you see below are frame grabs from my footage.