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Derrel's of Pensacola

I spent some time in my dad's place of business last week, shooting video footage for some upcoming commercials and taking photographs for general purposes.  My dad's business, Derrel's of Pensacola, is unique in the area.  Why?  We carry Bernina sewing machines. Bernina sewing machines are manufactured in Steckborn, Switzerland.  I almost went there a couple of years ago, but the closest I came was looking at it across Lake Constance from Friedrichshafen, Germany.  Needless to say, the machines come from a beautiful area of the world; I think that's one of the contributing factors to their being so well-designed.  They have built-in Microsoft Windows interfaces (and are slowly coming around with Mac support), and are possibly the most advanced sewing machines available anywhere.  Derrel's also recently started selling the Melco Bravo industrial embroidery machine.

The creative possibilities made possible by these machines are amazing, and I'm proud to help my dad market them in the Pensacola area.