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Christians, Christianity and the Paleo Diet. Compatible or Not?

For your weekend consumption, I encourage you to read a rather unique article which I wrote on HubPages:

Christians, Christianity and the Paleo Diet: Are they Compatible?

You have to click through to HubPages to read the article, but I would like to provide some background on it here.

I have made my position as an advocate for the paleolithic style of eating and exercise very clear.  I have researched the subject for the past year and have seen remarkable results in my own life from adopting it as a complete lifestyle.  Simultaneously, I also do not shy away from letting people know that I am a Christian.

People are fond of reminding me that grains are in the Bible.  Fair point.  Furthermore, the science behind the Paleo diet is almost entirely based on evolutionary biology, so aren't I compromising?  How can I live the way that I do without compromising my beliefs or subjecting myself to ongoing cognitive dissonance?

These were questions which, after a long enough period, I had to ask myself in a structured manner.  So I poured myself a cup of strong coffee, settled in with my Bible and my old friend, Google, and did as I always do when I want to educate myself on a subject: I read, researched, assimilated and typed out my findings.

This article was the result.  I would appreciate your reading the full story, but here is the CliffsNotes abridgment if you are pressed for time.

  • Nutritionally, the Bible and the paleo diet give the same advice.  (Genesis 1:28-29, 9:1-3).
  • Christ used grains and bread as a metaphor because that is what his audiences understood when he spoke to them, 2,000 years ago.  The grains of today are much different than the grains spoken of in the Bible, and now contain many harmful anti-nutrients.
  • The paleo diet's reliance on an evolutionary model is rooted in its desire to express why a pre-agricultural diet is most beneficial for the human body.  Evolutionists in the paleo community state that we evolved to our physical and mental apex through a diet free of grains and other products of agriculture.  However, this fits in very well with the Biblical model as well, only in this paradigm, it simply means accepting that an Intelligent Designer created us to eat this way, and we messed it up.
I go into more detail on each of these points in the article.  You really should read it.