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Annie is a graduate! - Pensacola Graduation Photography


Graduation photography is a blast, but college itself is an interesting thing.  More than just an avenue for making new friends, but it also has a way of bringing old acquaintances back together. I knew Annie years ago.  We went to church together, but we never talked much.  Then I arrived at the University of West Florida found out that our majors were in the same department.  We had quite a few classes together and became friends in the process.

We both graduated as undergrads few weeks ago, and Annie wanted to commemorate the event with some photos in her cap and gown.  As the designated friend with a camera, I made sure she had some good ones.  We shot photos from Pensacola Beach to UWF, covering everything from the scenic beaches to the stage where Annie performed and etched in University theatre productions.

Congrats, Annie!