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The Superhuman50!

If you haven't done so yet, now is the time to head over to LivingSuperhuman and get started with the first Superhuman50 Challenge! Run by Andrew and Anthony Frezza, the Superhuman50 Challenge is a chance to jumpstart your fitness and health goals alongside many others, under the constructive and encouraging coaching provided by the Frezza brothers.  I've been following their site for a while now, and I can vouch for them without reservation.  I'm looking forward to getting started.

I went through a very dramatic personal transformation over the past year.  Last summer was when it hit me that I had let myself go.  I could feel my stomach moving at odds with the rest of my body when I walked.  Running was impossible.  I could still crank out a decent number of calisthenics, but I would be out of breathe for several minutes after each set.

I made the decision to overhaul my entire life via the Primal Blueprint, and have been transitioning toward a stricter, paleo approach to eating.  I eat heartily of real, whole foods (including plenty of red meat and butter!), and exercise a few times a week.  This is the transformation:

I'm actually reluctant to post the transformation photo; I've enjoyed some relief in the anonymity provided by my change in appearance...

The status quo I mentioned above has been enough to maintain my new, healthy weight.  Another plus has been that by eliminating grains from my diet, I no longer have seasonal allergies to boot.

But it's time to take it to the next level.  I look damn scrawny in the latest photo.  I can do pushups all day and run a 5k any time, but I want better body composition.  It is my goal, with the encouragement of the Superhuman50, to burn through that last bit of subcutaneous fat around my middle and build up my upper body's lean mass.  I want to have well-defined musculature.  I want to be Captain America, goshdarnit!

In fifty days, I will post another photo and we'll see what I will accomplish.

Everyone who participates in the Superhuman50 fills out their own personal goal sheet, including their goals, foods to avoid, and foods to include more of in daily intake.  Mine looks like this:

The note about sitting might seem odd, but now that I'm about of school and catching up on a lot of personal written projects, I can easily get lost in a train of thought (seewhatididthere?) and go hours at a time without budging from my desk.  Sitting isn't good for the body, and I need to spend more time working upright when possible.  And yes, that is what she said.

What I love about LivingSuperhuman, and why I encourage everyone to check out their website, is that the Frezzas are incredibly encouraging in their advice and approach to overall health.  They espouse paleo nutrition 99% of the time, but they also freely acknowledge that indulgences are not something to be criticized and posted on some sort of scorecard.  A "cheat day" now and again is necessary to stay sane, and on that point alone they rise high above some of the more dogmatic health and nutrition writers.  They want all their readers to embrace life to the fullest at every level of existence, from the physical to the emotional.  I'm excited to participate in this latest project.

So, will you join the Superhuman50?  Don't wait another second!

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