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My favorite meal.

I'm a man of simple taste.  I might not eat wheat any more, which rules out all derivative products such as pasta and most fried foods, but I still crave me some soul food now and again.  And it just so happens that my favorite feel-good meal is the perfect post-workout spread.

And what do I love so much?  Eggs and a sweet potato!  The eggs are usually fried, and the potato is always split down the middle with a shake of cinnamon and a big pat of butter in the middle.  I augmented my eggs with some homemade guacamole this evening.  My plate was a playland of protein, healthy fats and good carbohydrate.  So, so satisfying.

The meal was especially welcome today as it was my fast-breaker after a semi-unintentional intermittent fast lasting around twenty-eight hours.  I finished out the day with a ninety-minute martial arts workout at my home dojo.

I'm writing again about fasting because I also just wrote a "just the basics" Hub on the subject.  If you want to help me make some money, I'm trying to get back to India this summer, and every click counts:

The Case for Intermittent Fasting