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April in review

I am thoroughly addicted to Instagram.  You can find me there under the name bologray; a name which word processors feel the aggravating need to space out whenever typed. I've decided to start a monthly roundup of my I'grams; mostly because I think it will help me to look back and see what really mattered to from month to month and help me decide how to best use my time in the future.  I guess that makes me a narcissist, I'm done with school so I'm running protracted studies on myself.  Hm.

One thing that is obvious from day one, however, is the food.  I eat and live according to the Primal Blueprint, and since becoming much more judicious in the foods which I choose to eat, I have taken a much greater interest in recipes and food preparation.  When I have the time, there are few things I enjoy more than getting in the kitchen for an hour or two, turning on some old episodes of No Reservations on Netflix, and cooking up a storm with meat, fresh vegetables and the spice trove which I brought back from my last trip to India.

Good food, good friends, good movies and good books.  That is a good life.