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Warrior Dash and the joy of common purpose.

In retrospect, I regret having spent so much of my life in solitary pursuits.  It's simply my personality that I do my best work and think most clearly when I work alone, but I regret having allowed the desire to "work better" to infiltrate everything that I do.  I don't believe in doing anything halfway, so it just never made sense to allow myself to be hindered or distracted.  I love to meet with people for lunch, coffees or dinner, just to pass the time and enjoy simple conversations, but environments where my work is dependent on another person's involvement have always been frustrating to me.  As such, I've always been one to drive alone, work alone, and often play alone.  It's not good to spend so much time inside your own head. Over the past few years, I've been reminded of how wonderful it can be to spend time with people for a common purpose.  India, certainly has given me multiple experiences of pure, unadulterated joy at what I have seen and assisted in accomplishing when working with a group of people for a common purpose.  I also experienced it more recently in my excursion with my friend Jeff to Warrior Dash.

Warrior Dash is a 5K obstacle course.  It has whetted my appetite for bigger Tough Mudder.  I can't wait.