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"Make it Count"

Videos and stories like this make me want to abandon all responsibilities and go galavanting around the planet.

An article by Ari Schulman, which I quoted last week, Jack Kerouac's On the Road as an example of the kind of inspirational journey which is increasingly difficult and even impossible to make today.  After fifty years of media saturation ruining the thrill of the unknown when making the trek to a hitherto unexplored place, journeys of self-discovery aren't what they used to be.

This video, however, reminds me, and should remind all of us, that spontaneous travel can still yield very, very special results.

For me personally, I'm seeing this at just the right and wrong time.  I graduate in two weeks, but I've already applied and been accepted to the only graduate school to which I applied.  It's hardly the time to drop everything and go globetrotting...but after seeing this video, I really, really want to.


Video by Casey Neistat.

Originally seen on Living Superhuman.