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Full Circle

I love writing.  I love expressing thoughts.  It's therapeutic.  But people have certain expectations of different venues. Facebook has become a weird mishmash of old school blogging and a twitter/tumblr fusion where people share and reshare whichever photos express mundane emotions to which they have attached too much meaning.

Tumblr and twitter themselves are just too flighty and lacking in feedback.  Again, people share and reshare, but there is rarely anything to digest or ponder enough to leave a meaningful comment.

So I've come full circle back to maintaining a blog.  I used to have a wordpress site that I used to share photos.  But it was dedicated to my professional work, and I haven't been doing enough of it to generate content with the necessary consistency to justify keeping the page open as a marketing tool.  It was yet another obligation instead of a pleasure.

This latest page will hopefully last a little longer.  I am attaching no commitment to it except to just get thoughts out of my head.

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